Bulk Sms Applications

Financial / Stock agencies

Do more business by sending Daily Market News, alerts, advices and transaction details to your customers. You can also send accounts, promo offers and festival wishes.

Clubs & Societies

You can send Event invitations and alerts about important dates, membership renewals via SMS.


Informing customers of discount sales is very important to drive sales. You can also wish them on their birth dates, anniversaries etc.


Schedule reminders for appointments health package promotions communications to doctors about new iniciatives.


Use the SMS services to alert parents and students of all important dates like Exam results dates, school fee dates, school opening etc. You can even send birthday wishes, festival wishes.


You can send confirmations on hotel bookings, tour Plans, and other events to customers via SMS

Gym and Health Clubs

Send reminders, account notices, promo offers through SMS. The SMS communication will help your customers to be regular and more loyal to your club.

Small business

Enhance customer loyalty through festive greetings and deal promotions.

Recruitment Companies

Sending Job alerts via SMS to both Job Seekers and Companies can drive more business and also keep your customers happy.

Wedding and Birth days

You can send timely event reminders to friends and family members.

Real Estate/construction

You can SMS promotional offers to your propspective customers. You can also send payment reminders, account , progress to your customers easily.

Corporate Communication

Enhance your reach to your customers and employees.Send Promo offer HR communications, Festival wishes to your clients and employees via SMS


You can SMS promo offers, special tour package details to your customers to drive repeat business from your cusomers


Automobile sales is all about the best offers being communicated to your prospective customers. Use the SMS services to drive your sales to a whole new level.